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Shrink Pictures

Resize Images Online FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Resizing Photos

Q - Can I make a picture bigger?
A - No, we only Shrink Pictures.  Enlarging images requires very expensive and sophisticated software.

Q - How do I find out how big my picture is now?
A - Windows users, find the picture on your computer, then right-click on it, select "Properties".  Under the General Tab you will see the Size (file size) and under the "Summary" tab you can see the image width and height.

Q - How does all this work?
A - You follow he 5 steps on the Resize Photos page and we use the information from the form to resize your picture for you.

Q - How is the size determined for the new picture?
A - You choose an option in the form, and we apply that option to the LARGEST side of your original picture.  If your Original picture is a Portrait (it is taller than it is wide) then the chosen size will be the new height.  If your original is in landsacpe format (it is wider than it is tall) the chosen size will be the new width.

Q - Will the resized picture be distorted?
A - No, we maintain the same aspect ratio as your original picture when creating the new, smaller picture.

Q - What sort of image files can You Resize?
A - We can resize jpg, gif and png files..  If an image has a colour set to transparent, when the picture is resized, it may not display correctly.

Q - Can I resize an animated gif?
A - Yes and no, Yes, you can resize the image, but the resized image will only be the first gif frame, leaving the resized image non-animated.  If you do not have all of the individual frames that make up an animated Gif, it is very difficult to resize.

Q - What type of file is the output image?
A - All resized and processed images are made available in jpg format only.

Q - What DPI are the pictures I resize?
A - The DPI is an often mis-understood number.  The DPI is simply an indication of your software on how big to print or display an image, and all web browsers ignore this number.  The DPI will be the same as the original image once it is resized.

Q - Why would I want to change the quality?
A - The quality can be changed to reduce the file size, this is important when you are displaying an image on a website, as quite often a lower resolution image will be quite ok to display, but have a much smaller file size and be faster to download or display.

Q - Why can't you have an option to allow me to resize a picture to a certain file size?
A - As every image is different, and there are a lot of different ways to resize a picture to come up with a certain file size - such as changing the dimensions and/or quality, it is beyond the ability of our web based tools to do.

Q - Is there any restriction on the type of pictures I can resize?
A - No, the pictures can be of ANY subject even the ones that are a bit naughty, as only you can see them.  We have added a button so you can delete all processed images immediately from our server, rather than waiting for our automated script to remove any processed images.

Q - Do you host the resized image on your server?
A - No, we do not store any images that are processed.  If you need somewhere to host your images please consider using our Free Image Hosting Service.

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