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Resize Images Online FAQ's

Questions about turning Photos into an Avatar

Firstly, please take a few minutes to read the Resize photos FAQ's if you have not already done so.  Here we will explain the differences with the Create Avatar Tools.

Q - What is an Avatar?
A - An Avatar is simply a pictorial representation of yourself.  An avatar is typically used in Forums and online communities and a lot of people choose to use their own photo for their Avatar.

Q - Why is there a different tool to create an avatar?
A - It is fairly simple actually.  Normally an avatar is presented as a square image, and as most photos are not square, we not only resize your picture, but crop off 1 or both of the longer sides to create a square avatar.

Q - Why is the maximum size that we can use to create an avatar 200pixels?
A - We set the Maximum size to 200 Pixels as most Forums limit the size of an avatar to something smaller than this size.  Typical sizes that Forum owners allow are 60, 75, 100 and 120pixels.

Q - How can I decide which bit to crop off my original picture to make it a square?
A - Well, we try and make it as easy as possible, and we actually create 3 new pictues for you to choose from.  If your original photo was a portrait (taller than it is wide), we crop the bottom, leaving the top part as a square, we crop a bit off the top and bottom, leaving the middle and we also crop off the top, leaving the bottom bit.  You simply choose the one that you want and download it.

Q - How can I find out what size I need?
A - You will need to log into your Forum and look in your Profile, if you cannot find the information, then you should ask the forum owner.

Q - My forum only allows a certain filesize for an avatar - how do I find out the filesize?
A - At the moment, when you create the avatar, simply right-click on the chosen picture and select properties.  You will see the file size of the new picture.  We will look at providing the file size for you when we do our next software update on the site.

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